Sunday, May 21, 2017


I have not been working since March 31st. This has been longest that I didn't have a full-time job in last 10 years. I have been reading a lot and buying lots of book on my kindle. I recently finished few books -

1. Sudeep Chakravarthy's Highway 39  - Since the time I visited Nagaland and Manipur, I have always wanted to know about these places more. Highway 39 is Sudeep's travel through North Easter states of Nagaland and Manipur. I have been reading his articles in Mint weekly and thought of trying his books. They are very well-written. We all have grown-up taking Northeastern states as part of India for granted. This book tells about how our government and army continuously violates human rights in those states.

2. Sudeep Chakravarthy's Red Sun - Sudeep travelled to the origin of Naxalbari movement and to all the places where it has taken its roots. The good thing about his writing is that he keeps it very real - one can picture him in those places, those conversations. This book has really made me a part of India which I have not been in touch with or in all humility, I have not been able to access otherwise.

3. Madeleine Thien's Do Not Say We Have Nothing - Earlier this January, I read a book based in China called "Do Not Say We Have Nothing". That book spoke about two families in China during the Maoist regime. The book is extremely well-written and takes you to the world of innocent people, fighting a difficult war within and outside.

4. Aman Sethi's A Free Man - This book has been my most memorable book in recent times. It talks about a Dehadi worker in Sadar Bazar Ashraf and all people closely connected to his life. I have been to Sadar Bazar so many times in my life but reading this book is like a slow travel in that market.

5. Karl Ove Knaussgard's Some Rain Must Fall  - Oh! What a book! To discover your inner self in the way Karl does is truly a gift and a work of genius. He describes everything about himself in details that by end of the book you know him and yourself too.

6. Sheryl Sandberg's Option B - This book is very close to my own journey of facing loss and going through it, surviving every day. There were lot of things mentioned in the book that I have faced but never gave words to them.

On my Kindle current reading list right now -

1. The Flat World and Education - Linda Darling-Hammond
2. Man's search for meaning - Victor Frankl
3. The Book of Joy - His Holiness Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu
4. Flow: The psychology of happiness - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

It is great to be able to read so much. Will see you soon again!