Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The freedom of a day

Recently, I saw this documentary on Netflix on minimalism. I already knew most of the concept so there was nothing new. But, there was this one line that stuck in my head. Freedom of a day. When you are minimalist, you have limited needs and therefore little need for big pay check. And you can live your day howsoever you want to.

I am usually all day home these days. Delving into the books I am yet to finish and in the tasks that needed attention for a long time. These tasks were hovering in my head for a long long time. It is good to be able to do them. Sometimes, it just feels that I have more time in existence this way. To have headspace for things that are important. To fix your own meal, to talk to friends without looking at clock, to not be in hurry of rushing somewhere. But sometimes, this part of me who used to work incredibly hard, takes over. I am gonna fall behind. I will forget the work I did. I will be rusted. This break will make me slow down.

But mostly, there is silence. When other people have tonnes of task to do. I am having a quiet time. Kind of recuperating from my battles of life which I never allowed myself to attend to. I can grieve for my mum, can think about her as long as I want, without someone or something stopping me to do so.

The freedom of the day also helps me to get clear in my head, of what I want, of my choices, of my emotions. It also has given me lately a space to understand people close to me. By being free, I am less reactive, and more intuitive, or I would like to hope so.

This is not the essay on the freedom of the day as it turning out to be. Long back, when I read Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom, I remembered a day in his life in prison, when he was able to walk in the grass as a free man, although still under house arrest. Freedom to be ourselves is definitely the most yearned thing and I am enjoying it!

Not for long I think. Very very soon, I would have to rush to wrap up everything for US. In a minimalist style, to keep only the things that matter the most. And to satisfactorily close on things that don't. Till then stealing some time!


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