Sunday, April 16, 2017

Life as we know it,,

I slept at around 10 AM in the morning. Last night, we had a blast! My office gang just threw another party for me. They brought their own drinks, ordered food, danced to their heart's delight and chatted up until the dawn. After clearing up, I took a bath, regretted why we party so much and how it does not answer any quintessential question of life, but still sometimes makes you feel loved and connected.

A notable night I guess. I have been off work from 31st March. Two weeks over. I have an unending list of tasks to be completed before I go to US. Full-time task-list is an understatement. One one hand, it will make me busy but on the other it is a missed opportunity on what I would loved to do in a break. Not sure if I will get a work break like this again.

Reading a book these days - The Red Sun. A book on Naxal-badi. Very well-written. After so many years, I was remembered of the moment when I watched Hazaron Khawishein Aisi for the first time. And then my second deep encounter was award-winning book "The Lives of Others" by Neel Mukherjee. It has always been a debate in my head on the right way to save the lives of countless marginalised amidst the government corruption. It just sometimes feel how important it is to be in the middle of the tough problems that we need to solve in this country.

Earlier in my research of graduate school, I came across a professor at Columbia, who works for setting up education system in conflicted areas like Syria. In a resettled life, how do you provide right to education for those who have been displaced? Education looks like a privilege in absence of basic needs but one of the most important way to uplift people to heal.

I have been recently offered admissions at Stanford Graduate School of Education. I am heading there this fall. It make me feel empowered to have access to platform like Stanford. I wonder that some day I work for conflicted regions in India. To create a systemic change of education - contextual, preserving and empowering - to the tribes of India. It gives me a dream to live life differently, a path that I walked on for a while, lost, and then have found again. Will write soon again!

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