Sunday, April 2, 2017

In Love With The Endlessness of Time

It is over. A long journey. The days of struggling with oneself. The days of keeping up with everything. I finished working pretty early. I have four months before I go to Harvard. And these will be my days, may be the most important days that I want to live. These days won't be about chasing anything or pursuing anything. They will be about being. Being self. Discovering self through different mundane things, in silence and inside it.

To not move for something you got to do to keep up with everything is a luxury I never had. But this is how exactly I imagined it - the endlessness of time, the continuity of being with self without an end to it. For a long time, I have lost my element in order to do things that I must.

Love. Laughter. Silence between them.

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