Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The road within

Hello again, I am coming to the blog second time this week. I am on my journey to find myself again. This will be a different journey than last time. This journey does not seek to find happiness but this journey is for me to find myself through this world.

I am doing some really great work. Once a dream job, I have it now. Heading a business completely starting up from scratch, doing my favorite things while I'm at it. I have a great team of people to work along with. I have worked with wonderful people all my life, but I am finding this group of people so evolved and almost meditative, that it is just a great honor. They know me well. It's great to be known well.

Then you may ask, what am I looking for. Great work. Great people. What am I complaining for? I can't tell you what's missing. I myself don't know. I don't think it is more metaphysical than outwards. Spreading love, gratefulness and happiness around is great and being immersed in it is great too. Beyond a point, I can't think of it. It stops.

May be I want to travel. Yeah, I want to travel. I don't want a luxurious vacation. Meet an old friend in Manipur, when she faced floods. Go with a friend to Ghana, or just travel to Auroville in the neighborhood. It has been forever that I took a decent holiday for a week or two.

I want to join a music course. Learn violin! Play a melody at night before the world sleeps.

I want to do a yoga for a month in the Himalayas. More so combined with meditation. Like a yoga vacation.

Just small things I guess...But I don't have luxury for doing any one of them right now. I spent an hour with my mother today showing her old albums. It takes 5-10 minutes for her to register a picture that is right on her line of sight. It is slow but rewarding process.

I am tired to live with the burden of life, to see everything slipping away and not being able to do anything about it. I turn towards spirituality, gratitude and kindness. But I get some short term answers. I want to do the journey within, travel the road within, play the melody within and meditate long enough to fix myself.

Can you see what's wrong in a perfect life?

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