Thursday, May 7, 2015

12'o clock Insomnic

It is past 12'o clock in the night. I just had a call with a friend, a frank call after a long time. I quietly read my book, kept it upside down and then have come here to write. Writing feels natural. It feels it is a sign that I'm healthy, that I'm alive, It also oozes out some pain,

The other thing which brought me back was the comment on my last post. I couldn't believe someone who knows me only through this blog, would be calling out for me in his head and I will decide to write the blog. The night is very peaceful today. Calming my stirring from few minutes back.

I am not sure what to write about today. I haven't done lot of things in life that I can talk about. I can talk about the books I like to read. I used to read lot of biographies earlier and then with time it got discontinued. And few days back, I look at my Amazon cart, and it has diligently stored few books for me, that I haven't deleted nor ordered. Surprisingly, all of them were biographies.

Oh! I have a story to tell you. Today morning CEO of my new company and I were discussing about a business proposal we had sent and those people wanted heavy discount. Frankly, that was unreasonable. Now, he put all of this very nicely. He said, like M.K.Gandhi, I would tell them "Squeeze and Squeeze out of me..and then what?" Will you be lowering down me or yourself. He sounded so self-assured. I loved that. I love that entrepreneurs are so fearless people. He always advise me to be fearless. I think he knows that I can't be. So, he has to keep reminding me. His way of coaching me, may be.

I will sleep peacefully tonight. I promise. You sleep well too..Love..Be Happy.. 

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