Friday, May 9, 2014


I am back today again. To be able to write, doesn't happen often with me. In the past, I have either opened, drafted and never posted or never wrote beyond couple of sentences. I have more drafts than actual posts. So, it is a mercy to be able to write and wanting to post too.

I want to share with you one very inspiring talk from Ms. Anu Aga.

I've met Anu Maam during my Teach for India fellowship. We happened to talk about my father and she told me her struggle through life. Her face was radiant with glow and shine of a saintly woman. I had wondered how at 62 someone can look this beautiful and bright. She has a voice that will instantly make you affectionate towards her and yet there is a sense of authority and leadership. There are few people in this world whose words stays with you forever, even simple words. Their mannerism and sense of speaking is everlasting. My interaction with Anu Maam was like that.  I have talked to her four-five times. And every time I have come across her, my respect for her authenticity, despite her being such a great public figure, has grown manifold.

Even during my last day of Vipassana, when the noble silence was broken and I get back to talking and making friends, I told one of the fellow meditator that people who have done Vipassana are breathtakingly beautiful and I mentioned Anu Maam to her. She replied by saying, "Now I know why you have come for Vipassana." :-)

Anyway, her perseverance to turn around her struggles is very inspiring. Her challenge was magnanimous and the way she turned it around gives me hope, a lot of hope to live life and to wait for better days. Of course the cycle of good and bad times never ends. But the way to get through bad days is by knowing that good days will come.

PS - I know I never fail to mention about Vipassana, That's the promise I made during my last day to myself. I never gave any money as donation. My service to Vipassana teaching was to tell about its benefits to more and more people.

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  1. I waited for a moments to be happy.
    I'll be happy when... I'll be happy then... I'll be happy once... and I'm still waiting.
    Those when, then, once all are now a past thing with a new set of when, then, once in my life. Trying...
    But I am happy for moments when I read you and a few others(who talk about life), watch those movies, read those books and smile with those people out there once who mean something to me, still wishing tranquility.