Saturday, May 17, 2014

I can help - Resume, GMAT and Essays

Hey everyone,

I am writing this blog post as a way to reach out to people who are kick-starting their pursuit of Business Schools/GMAT.

So far, I have helped around 9 friends in the initial process who needed help in writing first few drafts of their resume and essays before going to an expensive consultant. After they had a strong foundation, I then recommended them to a professional admission consultant which helped  them with a final version. This saved them lot of money as usually admission consultants charge exorbitant prices for just one review or an hour of phone call. Also, it helped them to understand what is the application process about, how to approach essays, how to write a resume, and how to plan and study for GMAT without taking help from any coaching centers. 

My reason for doing all of this is simple - that I have enjoyed doing it in the past and my friends enjoyed drafting their applications/resumes with me and they were successful also in schools like Kellogg, Wharton, Stanford etc.  But since I did it only with my friends, I am not sure how it is going to turn out to do with people I don't know yet!

But I feel like giving it a shot! So just email me at if you are looking forward for a help like that and we can set up a skype call and start!! I haven't thought about any costs yet and right now I am doing it just to get myself busier!

Thanks for reading through the post and looking forward to helping!

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