Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happiness is the truth

I thought I will write on the blog more regularly. But it took me another four days to come back. Not that I didn't try writing in between. But I wanted to write only if it is worth sharing.

Working from home is not easy. The discipline of going to work is lost. The efficiency drops down. You need a rhythm and a momentum. Really surprises me how novelists keep writing forever day after day on one desk isolating themselves from the world. But other times, I do relate to them. If you really are in the right frame of mind and momentum, you can keep working for hours without talking. And the work will be of a brilliant quality. I think I need both - momentum and right frame of mind. The fear is that once I have both, I will probably need to go back to Hyderabad. 

The caretaker we have in my parents' house demonstrates excellence in his work. He always remembers his work that he needs to do and he remembers to do them timely. He doesn't complain. He has humility that you really don't see often. He never reacts to any kind of agitation. If provoked, he responds with the right words very carefully. His wife is not that efficient in work or with children. He does the household work in his own quarters too. He is able to save money. What a clarity towards simplicity in life! And the best part is I see him contended. Always cracking some nice funny jokes here and there. I think working hard, not complaining, being disciplined, not being extravagant makes life worthwhile. Simple virtues and simplicity in conduct. Do we need anything else to be happy?

There are other things on my mind too. Will try to write back soon.


  1. "It is so simple to be happy but so difficult to be simple." ~ I quote that to self and what is happiness, I end up asking myself.

  2. You often give the right conclusion to the posts I write, Thanks :-)