Monday, May 19, 2014

Despite the rains, we had a Math Camp

We organized a Math Camp yesterday evening in the neighboring community. The objective was to know our neighbors, spread a word about our school initiatives and have some fun with kids. Our team was working really hard. They got up at 4 AM to ensure the newspapers have the pamphlets, then they went on distributing the pamphlets, and then they were busy with all day with putting up a tent, chairs, tables, signboards, school banner, packing up gifts etc.

At just about 4 PM, as everything was set, it started raining! All of us thought all our efforts will be washed away. My team members faces were becoming long. But kids are kids! They started walking in. Their parents started bringing them in under the umbrellas. At 4.10 PM, when the rain was dripping down the tent, drenching us, we had around 25 students who were with us, ready for their first ever Math camp in the community!

And we started our quiz without getting worried of how much rains we still were going to get. Our scoredboard was too wet for writing, our papers were getting wet in a second but our students were ready and our quizmaster was ready. Our first quiz was a success. There were people looking from their verandahs and we had 15 more students walking in another half an hour, and next 10 in another half an hour.

What a spirit of the children! They can keep going, drenching in the rain under a tent, and still participating! We next asked students to learn more about our methods of teaching after they were finished with their quiz, and we got some motivating responses, right from, "Will we just have one class?" to "I never learned like this before". 

We ended around 7 PM in the evening, the rain stopped around 5:30, and we all knew that we are going to have an encore pretty soon, for our happiness and for the kids! :-D

Even the rains cannot stop us! 

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