Monday, April 21, 2014


The days are beginning to be plain again. For sometime now, I have not interacted much at my work. It is mainly because of the nature of the work right now. It requires me to stay focused until the project is delivered. I am the only one completely in-charge of the project right now.

I had a great weekend with my younger sister. We did some shopping for her and my 2-year old niece. Watched "2 States" as well. She was very happy. I get happy when she is happy. :-)

I have started practicing Vipassana again. It is helping me a lot to calm down and organize my thoughts. Hope to continue the practice like this.

I also had started reading Vivekanada more aggressively recently. My favorite lines from my reading this morning were "It is the only big tree that is hit by a great wind. Fire needs poking to burn brighter. Snake raises its hood after getting hit on the head. Only after a turmoil, you will be able to connect with your inner strength. Weep. Weep clears the mind and improves the intuition."

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