Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sonder and self-exertion

While driving to work today, I noticed a woman carrying her 3 years old girl while crossing the road. On the next red light, I noticed several pedestrians crossing the road again, some running, some walking while trying to cover their heads, some being stopped by traffic. What make people still struggle and live as vivid a life? Weren't they intelligent as kid? Didn't they have same potential? Will I ever be able to work towards ensuring that kids today do not end up struggling on the roads when they grow up?

A school girl sitting behind the motorcycle made me think what is the future for her? Next, I noticed a 20 something girl whose head was covered with dupatta, with only her eyes visible. Silent eyes gazing in Sifar of the mad rush of the city. In the spur of the moment, I saw so many lives on the road together, that it created an emptiness of the inconsequential impact of my life.

And then still I wonder how all this self-exertion helps me to reach and see the world. To be learning to be non-violent and to be finding that human connection. After all this work in my career, I still look at the world at constant amazement and how it makes me stronger and how it keeps challenging me,

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