Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Silence is strength

Silence has lot of strength. After 10 days of silence during my Vipassana course, I have started practicing silence more often now. Silence carries the truth like no other. Lately, I have seen my own truths and truths of those of others more clearly because of staying silent. As we were told during Vipassana, silence helps you to stop generating samkharas or karmas. And that time, you add less fuel to the fire of your good and bad deeds. It also helps me in speaking exactly what I want to speak. Another thing is of course it helps me to introspect deeply. What I have started seeing that my responses to lot of things in life are not free from emotions, even things which are plain and simple. Awareness is the first key step in resolving self and then if you are able to see things objectively then working on them is easier. Silence makes you aware. And that awareness makes you strong.

I have picked Haruki Murakami's book on "What I talk about when I talk about running". I have read this book a year before. What brought me back to this book on his idea of pushing himself beyond his limits while running. But I also this time around assimilated one more thing on how he prefers solitude and silence over talking and communicating. Up until 30, he was running a bar and had met lots of people and had plenty of experiences interacting with them. After 30 as he became a full-time writer, he became very clear who he wants to meet and who he doesn't. He brought more discipline in his routine. He learnt to handle sorrow and criticism by running harder silently in the mornings or hiding behind the closed doors. I couldn't help thinking that there is lot of power in silence. What a work of genius his novels are! He communicates lot of complex ideas quite simply. Silence made him better at communication! He also speaks about how the most important relationship he has is this conceptual relationship he has with his readers. A relationship of silence and in silence. Most important relationships are indeed of silence and in silence.

Silence is genius. And of course being genius is hard.


  1. The restlessness inside does not allows me to reach the silence within.

    1. Take help from the restlessness. It is not the enemy of silence. It is the road to it. Let the restlessness be and silence will be.