Friday, April 25, 2014


I love the word "Prudence" because I have been wanting to acquire it. As part of the management team of the school, we often have to take decisions that requires prudence. The good part is that my team members do have this quality and they are very thoughtful about their decisions as well as their communication with the staff, parents and the team.

One of the struggle is that in the role of management, your emotions need to be in check always. Your team should be having faith and trust in you. Every leader wants that. And if your team doesn't, the leader starts failing and starts reacting emotionally, tumbling down the rabbit hole. I have seen strong leaders having things out of their hold despite all the prudence they exercise, just because of emotional overreact.

One thing that Vipassana helps is, in looking at things very objectively. And when you start doing that both in your personal or professional life, you get better in syncing your emotions with your reactions. That kind of self-control helps one in becoming stable in relationships, which is a key to success in any profession. The optimism that power of meditation and concentration brings is huge. A night before yesterday, I didn't sleep well. Tried real hard but couldn't. In the morning, I meditated for over an hour. I felt my body becoming so relaxed, my palms were softer and smoother like one gets after  a deep sleep.Yesterday, that relaxation helped me to clear misunderstanding between two of my teammates, without creating sourness among any one of us. So far, whenever I have tried meddling between two people, I have ended up feeling impacted. But yesterday, I was able to say only those things that were sufficient enough for both the parties without widening any difference, in fact, in a very constructive way. I felt all of us learnt something valuable about working in team. All of us felt peaceful and respectful towards each other after that. May be that is some prudence in communication I demonstrated!

But I think I still have a long way to go. I think some people learn so much from their mistakes that they develop it by chance. Some have their through upbringing. I didn't learn much of prudence.

I am a person of "free will" and "feel". Once I make up my mind to do something, I do it. I don't calculate or estimate. I just do it. Internally, if I feel it is the right thing to do. But mostly I have found out, that calculations and estimations does help because then you know what you are getting into and you have quicker acceptability towards the outcomes. However, not everything in life should be based out of calculations. Life becomes too suppressed. Throwing oneself into new experiences brings you closer to yourself, helps you know more about yourself and most importantly, redefine your boundaries. Perhaps, such experiences build prudence like no other.

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