Saturday, April 26, 2014

I am not bad, I am brutal. If you have a doubt, go google

Yesterday was fun! After work, my cousin came over and we all had dinner together. I pulled legs, cut short everything everybody else was saying, acted really rude and yet laughed out loud with them. The laughing continued as we went to watch Revolver Rani for a late night show.My goodness! What a character! 

What a strength and might of the woman! I just loved it! We were laughing out at almost every scene. Everyone in the theatre was. There was a group of 15 people and one or two of them were making cheap commentary as well. We were in a fun mode so we were laughing at them as well. At one point, an uncle from behind shouted at them for being so loud and cheap. Then there was a quiet. After the movie ended, some of the guys started dancing in the theater itself. It was so much fun watching them. And it wasn't a cheap barati dance. It was a dance of celebration, of absolute entertainment!

Hats off to Kangana! She was amazing! Revolver Rani kicked some ass really well!

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