Monday, September 16, 2013

What I want to do with my life?

Seven years ago, when I graduated from college, I was a disillusioned youngester with dreams larger than life. I was immersing myself from Ayn Rand to Mahatma Gandhi to Bhagwad Gita. I was following the course of CAT, GMAT, Software Job, MBA.I was inclined to know myself and see what I am made of. I was inclined to see the world through different lens - from what Mohammed Younus gathered to what C.K.Prahalad envisioned.I was ready to take up the challenges which my job didn't give and I was ready for a life which a regular paycheck destroys. But I was on a course that couldn't lead me there. I took a plunge towards those inclinations.

And those inclinations have lead me here today, the course of my life has taken me to critical milsetones - Tata Jagriti yatra, Teach for India and then the most destroying of all - Ummeed. Each one was at a higher degree of toughness, at a stage where you could not find time to amuse yourself with illusions of the world but to take decisions and live with them, to take a call which could become life-long regret or life-long gift of understanding of self. There were quick decisions, harder conversations, harder situations on one side and a country which demands and needs blood and sweat of its countrymen on the other.

When India became a free independent nation, our founders had a difficult time to give our 200 years old fragile country a stable kick-start. As a result we spent a lot of our time, resources and energy in stabilizing the Nation through industries and agriculture. The key pillar of education lacked the implementation which could have given us integrity and sovereignty at much higher degree than our agrarian and industrial polices could ever had. I feel that the baton has passed on and course of my life has challenged me now to pick that baton and walk without stop.

I visit schools, I meet people. I meet labor and the corporate, the migrants and the native, the CEO and the principals, the venture capitalists and the destitute of this country. I get fired up with the possibilities that exist in front of me, when I meet them,where they should be and could be and how the Nation could be built. I feel the need to fulfill the mission that I have started in my life, a need to reach every mind of this country and harness the potential and immense power that exist in a brain of each child of the country, to build that character and good judgement, to build that critical thinking of how a man should live in relationship with oneself, family, environment and nation

What gives me confidence were my effort for redemption. My students at Ummeed have been going to school regularly. I left them without a teacher to hold their hand, or lead them to success, but they have been thriving on their own. It gives me a power within of expecting the world to succeed sooner or later. I feel my students and I taught one thing to each other - huge amount of resilience and endurance. They have survived and I have survived facing the battle in which I could have failed them. 

I now work for one goal - to reach to every possible brain that could build the Nation. i want to see the children I touch, to work for indigenous development of India and its future. Every project that I pick for my two schools, I aim to bring that degree of critical thinking and awareness with the teachers, the principals and the children. I want to gift each child my labor and my service. I want to gift each teacher the power that they haven't unleashed yet in changing the life of the children on a different path. I want to bring to each principal the wisdom of running the institutions in a true entrepreneurial fashion. I want to reach out to every possible person who can help me in my mission. 

I know what I want from life. Long back ago, I used to think my dreams have gone. Dreams never go. I know my dreams and more than that I still have some fire left to make them a reality.