Sunday, August 25, 2013

Seeded into a new journey

I know I have not written for a long time. I was having some brutal discussions and internal fights with myself. These fights have been shaking my internal core strength. I have been questioning my integrity and human shortcomings and selfishness. This also led me to seek support from people around me, which was just the matter of not finding strength within.

Today after so many days, I actually spent some time with myself mustering my internal strength again, accepting my shortcomings of the past and looking towards the future. I am very fortunate that I have got an opportunity that I used to dream about and more importantly people that could make that dream a practical reality. Today I am going to talk just about that!

On July 8th 2013, I joined SEED Schools in Hyderabad. Founded in April, 2013, SEED manages two low-middle income private schools (with fees range of Rs 800-1200) currently. I am part of the management team that means I have got an opportunity to understand operational, management and financial challenges of running private schools. Also, I have got an opportunity to consolidate the work that I have done so far. I am leading the academic changes in the school - from teachers training, curriculum design and robust technical framework which will help SEED to reach to 100 schools in 7 years. I believe if I successfully participate in a mission of this scale, I know I would contribute in bringing the reform that our education sector needs in a very organized fashion. This excites me and motivates me.

Today I also thought about the challenges I had faced in Ummeed. How I faced rejections from my students and slowly went past it. I was reminded of how the journey became so immersive that I wouldn't have time to eat, drink and talk to people who matter. Overcoming the challenges my students were facing, designing the curriculum in the manner that would suit them, kept me very motivated and focused. I thoroughly enjoyed it and when I look back now, I think it has defined me in a way that nothing ever did. It gave me my purpose and passion. It gave me my true North.

I am glad to begin this new journey and now after one and half month of hiccups of settling down in the new city, I have become ready for my new mission. I thank you from bottom of my heart for being still a part of it! Your support has always helped me to be more responsible towards my goals.

Looking ahead,
Saloni Gupta
Program Manager,
SEED Schools