Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Methi Leaves

There are several ways to get over a feeling. One of them I found out today is by cleaning Methi leaves. This morning, I woke up with a long list of professional commitments to fulfill but instead I chose to bring out my domesticated avatar.

I am living in a house on first floor which has one room completely empty. The room  is on East side and has a door where morning rays fills the room. I have kept that room empty especially for this particular reason. I love to sit on that doorway especially in these winters. And  as I found out today, It is a good place to clean Methi leaves.

To take out the  leaves from the twig in front of the sun can have some pacifying effect on you. Life is simple, clean it out like Methi leaves. There were so many things that came across my mind. And slowly they came, stayed and left. None of them left me complicated or empty. Peacefully they walked out.

May be there is something about the green color or freshness of the leaves. Or may be about the simplicity of the process - no lesson plans or behavior management that I usually have to deal with. Teaching is hard. Being patient with your students is harder. The  adolescence of students is challenging. This is their transformation in becoming an adult and I am part of that transformation and that too in a role which is pivotal. That is huge responsibility.

But Methi leaves, they are not like that. They are very friendly. They don't give you any responsibility or obligations. They are just a small insignificant errand.Work is too much pressure may be and it rarely allows me insignificant errands. When it does, it is friendly and fresh!

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  1. Its really nice that u continue to experience such moments,..:)