Sunday, June 3, 2012


I have completed my first week at Ummeed. It is an interesting shift as a teacher from 8-years-old kids to 16-years old boys.  I have discovered love lives of few of them. A boy very cutely wrote a  beautiful calligraphy of his girl's name on his calf. Another boy told me about an entire story on how he proposed. I loved when they said that they will tell me but that they wont tell that in front of anyone. They are truly in love can be judged by the way that they always are happy and looked so effortless towards their daily struggles. May God keep their sanctity and insanity forever!

I have been demanded to teach even on Sunday, today. Apparently, today the girls will be coming for TEDEx preparations and one student wants to create an impression on her girl by demonstrating that he is a very hard-working guy. This is so cute! Makes my job easier too!

This was a real good part of my week there. The week however didn't start that way. 

At 6:30 PM on Tuesday:

I saw two of my students walking out with their bags. One of them was being asked to go out of the shelter home by the staff. The second one was walking out in support of his friend. I was told by other boys that the first one threw stones on the staff last night. Before that he mistakenly broke the printer, beat a younger kid, steal a tap, brought bear on his birthday party etc. He had already been given a punishment for staying at an old age home for a week. This time staff (5 caretakers) demanded that this boy was creating nuisance since a long time and should be thrown out else they all will resign. The coordinator from the management came over to resolve the issue. It was decided that this child will be asked to stay with his mother for over two weeks. He gave a call to his mother but he said that if his mother comes here, she should not be disrespected as happened with a case earlier. Staff believed that this child should not be kept in shelter home as his mother can afford his education. They were very adamant. Since the boy committed the mistake, I really have no choice then to ask him to call his mother and promised to him the project co-ordinator and I will talk to her.

She came over. She looked tensed. We sat together and we told her about the entire situation. Meantime, staff barged in too. She broke down and said to his son that you always get me insulted in front of everyone. I was flabbergasted. The boy started crying too, pushed his head three four times on the wall. I held him and told his mother that how proud we all are of him. He is very intelligent in studies (he is brilliant!) and is giving Ted talk too where he will be talking in front of several people! There are few mistakes that he is doing and since you are his mother and he is so much attached to you, he will listen to you. Why don't you talk to him while we all wait outside?" We all left the room. I ran for water! I was so damn thirsty. All other students outside thronged around me but I had no answer to give them yet. After fifteen minutes, I walked inside the room alone and told the boy in front of his mother, "People waiting outside are really angry at you. What do you think you should be doing even if whatever you did according to you was right". He said, " I will apologize and I was wrong in doing what I did.". The staff and project coordinator came in and he said sorry to them. Staff however wasn't satisfied. They put their demand forward that he should be taken with his mother. His mother said " I can't keep him with me. You brought him from streets of Connaught Place, threw him back there." This was another shocker. The boy broke down again. I took him out of the room. He told me "I ran from my home only because my mother started crying whenever somebody complained to her" Heavens! I calmed him down and I said that I won't let anything happen to him anymore.

The project coordinator understood that Mother can't take the boy with her. He made the moments light and  appreciated her for taking time out at 9:30 PM. She replied that my daughters were requesting me not to go but I still came. I was in deep agony for that child. 

It was 10:30 PM when everything got settled down. All other kids rejoiced with this decision. He will still be given a punishment and it will decided soon! But he and his mother were respectfully treated overall throughout the "hearing".

I took this child on a ride on my Active to give him some fresh air. He was ok now and said with a laugh "I am having a headache now because of  barging my head onto the wall". After a km ride, i dropped him. I reached home at 11 PM. Phew!


I have few more eventful stories to tell but this has already turned out to be a long post. Just to add, I am struggling in classroom. Out of all my 25 students, only 4 are turning up. Rest are ignoring their education and their new teacher! Lets see till what time time they do that.

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  1. Great to hear. Well managed, Hats off Teacher :-)