Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dil Se

I am coming to this blog after a long time for reasons that I am still comprehending. May be I had a writer's block. May be I lost that connection to express in this anonymous world.

 Life of a Teacher  is tough and someone who is considering this job should understand that you are entering into a system which is so screwed up and your job might be contributing in that screw up without your intention. You might be serving the wrong people indirectly. And you have to continuously remind yourself and hope that you are empowering a handful of kids that do not become wrong people of that system.

Life of a  Teacher is emotionally draining. Its a giving job. And sometimes you have breakdowns because you are not a superhuman who can give continuously.

Life of a teacher is faced with impossible choices. A slow progress of an emerging kid and super-fast progress of a smart kid, a planning that takes cares of both, an execution which paces both, data which makes you jump, disinvestment which makes you shout, and then there is all of your life things pending - unpaid bills, career choices, personal life...yeah personal life is a pending item sometimes!

Life of a class teacher is coming to an end. No, I am not giving up. I am just taking on another challenge. From teaching 38 second graders, I am moving to teach several 17 years old  adolescents who have been picked from streets. Boys who have suffered and seen reality of this world much more than I have. Boys who will not tolerate weaknesses of my mind and attitude. My job has been described to me as a female role model for 30 boys. The word is big! And a human life feels so small.


  1. you just summed my experience in words, was so glad to read that yes I am not the only one who feels that the system is rotten.. what can be done, what needs to be done? Can I be a superman for just a day?

  2. Have been following your posts for sometime now. I don't know your name(even though I would like to know more about you). A standing ovation to you.

  3. Yes you deserves the standing ovation.
    "personal life is a pending item sometimes!" so true.

  4. Been following your blogs for a while now. Keep up the good work and my best wishes to you. Also, I thought you should take a look at this article; it voices a lot of your opinions..