Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Viva La Vida

Smile from a distance to someone you know. Face of someone sleeping. Sun rays on your face as you turn towards East in morning. New parents’ exchanging looks. An old couple walking together. Grandmother’s voice. A sweet tiredness after a sweaty run. Laughter of a child. Food you cooked well. Choosing a career instead of other way round. 
A beautiful life!

Solving a question you didn’t think you had an answer. Reading a book that brings you closer to yourself.  Finding a failure. Walking again into it next day anyway. Eventually finding answer of why you failed.
Reaching life!

A failed relationship. A dysfunctional family.  A loving partner. An understanding family. Happiness. Emptiness. Festival. An uncomplaining friend. Sorrow. Illness. Responsibility. Misunderstanding. A caring sibling. A wrong decision. A deserved appreciation. An unexpected opportunity. Out of control situations. Unsaid words. Waiting for second chances.
Ambiguous Life!

Viva La Vida!

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