Tuesday, July 5, 2011

As I began to Teach for India!

There are dozens of times when you wonder about the purpose of life. After all we are just a speck in this giant scheme of things. You talk about spirituality and about worthiness.  But you usually don’t find a definite answer.

There are dozens of times when you try to balance your life between comforts and pain. Watching Shawshank Redemption on a hot sunny day reminds you that somebody crawled five football fields of shit for redemption. But you usually get muddled up in small petty issues of laundry and broken relationships. And you thought you had a great pain.

There are dozens of times when trust does not work, hope is a dangerous thing and optimism is lethal. You take great risks, you thought you calculated, but life takes you to another inconclusive direction. And if you are objective enough you may realize what action of yours led to what.

There are dozens of times when love seems too dangerous. You see your friends making compromises that are giving immense pain to their souls. You have seen their tears and you know they are hurting themselves badly. And then you are forced to think how love is supposed to be. But you still fall in love.
There are dozens of times when you feel less caring towards your family. You know you should have done better and take more care of them. And you promise to do better!

And then a beautiful day in your life comes. You neither need a definite answer, nor you feel your own pain. You are really not worried about direction of your life and you are not perturbed about who is your soulmate. You know you will soon have ability to keep promises and you are organized as if you are ready for the free fall. You learn how to live the moment and even better - how to make it!

This beautiful day came yesterday as I began to Teach for India!


  1. I only feel like saying - Congratulations. You seem to have found your direction.

  2. very well written ... and congrats for finding ur calling...

  3. congratulations !! Me too applying for this year's cycle ....Will need your inputs!

  4. PS: I came across this awesome blog after searching for Teach-For-India on Google!

    +1 Good Work - Keep writing such good stuff!!

  5. Thank you...It is very encouraging!

  6. @Rattle Snake Unearthed ...Strange Name!!! :-D

  7. excellent thought....would need your advise for my application this year....

  8. Hi Mukaam,

    like your posts a lot....Got into the fellowship :D:D....but facing lot of difficluty in convincing my parents to let me go for it :(

  9. Hi Kranti!

    Are you able to convince your parents finally? I am facing the same porblem..