Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New girl in the city

There is one stark difference that could be easily noted by someone who has migrated from Bangalore to Delhi. Delhi roads are wider but Bangalore homes have more colorful exteriors– purple, green, orange, even red. Delhi homes are black – People don’t prefer to paint their homes exteriors as they know the soot will reappear.
When I used to get inside a local bus in Bangalore, women would wait very patiently in a queue to get in when they could see that they aren’t going to get any seats. In metro today however, even though seating space in women’s coach was full and women who were waiting outside knew there is enough room for standing but they refused to wait for other women to step out and then an unnecessary deadlock was created. What does this tells about general mentality difference of women in Delhi and Bangalore?

A new girl in the city is facing a culture shock in her own country!

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  1. ha ha ! :) Culture shock - that's Incredible India :)