Thursday, June 16, 2011

In pursuit of......

The door opened. I was looking down before stepping out of the metro  as I saw her footwears. Nice elegant leather sandals. I looked at her suit next. That was a nice choice too. And then I saw her face. A beautiful face but with tangible sadness. A very odd thought ran through my mind. When I saw the sandal, I thought someone wearing these kind of sandals should be a smart and a happy person. Why I thought that? And why despite of such an elegance, she looked sad.

I hopped into a rickshaw. I could only see a dark brown body soaked into a yellow vest struggling to pull the rickshaw. It looked like that the body had been overused and is exhausted of everyday struggles but still can’t give up. As the rickshaw moved ahead, I passed-by a funeral march. Someone yelled, “Do it before 5 PM or it will be postponed to next day!” A little distance ahead, I saw women crying, crying out loud, cries - some were real, some not-so-real. We reached a road adjacent to a park. A poor child with naked feet walking over a garbage dump with a kite clutched tightly. What happiness is he seeking? Sadness is all I am seeing. I reached home. The summer was too hard for the rickshaw-wala. He stood there waiting for his fare to be handed over. He was looking down as if he doesn't like serving someone this way, a job in which despite all his hard work, he couldnt keep his head high with pride.

Few years back, when I watched pursuit of happiness, I was moved when Will Smith said that he used to see people around him happy and he wanted to be happy too.

 But why I am seeing sadness all around. What I’m in pursuit of?

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