Sunday, May 15, 2011

Teach For India : A Movement, A Force and A Power

Sitting in a hostel room at Symbiosis Campus, Pune at 8:22 AM  I wonder what all choices I have at this moment – write this blog post, prepare lesson plans for next week, take a bath and go for breakfast or just sleep for sometime more on nice sunny Sunday morning. It is end of week 2 at first training institute of third year of my organization Teach for India. In first two weeks of its first training institute in its third year of being, Teach for India has made us feel the mettle of the movement that it is working for. I wrote this phrase “third year of TFI” twice because I wanted to emphasize upon the fact that merely in its third year, TFI has built a powerful force that I never seen before or heard of.

What I am going to describe right now is a perfect organization and you might wonder if I am exaggerating!

During first few days, in one of our training rooms a chart had a following quote from Aristotle:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit “

After every training session, I have walked out of that room thinking “God! I have read lot of quotes before but I have never seen them happening each time I read them”. Our curriculum specialist, Srihari creates magic in the training room. A former Teach for America fellow, he teaches us everything from Lesson Planning to Classroom Management, with every session perfectly delivered. Our training director does some gymnastic to energize the sleep-deprived trainees. Our city director promises to dance if we fill all the surveys so that they get right feedback and measure their effectiveness. Our creative team teaches us Banana dance sometime in the middle of a long session. From wearing paper hat and walking in the streets to raise money to madly jumping from one side of the room to the other to prove that results are produced because I have an intention and will find a mechanism howsoever. From waking till 2 AM to prepare a lesson plan when the previous day I worked for 15 hours and next day I will be working for no less to waking at 5:00 AM in the morning every day. From reaching to every session five minutes earlier and to be allowed to leave the room if the session overshoots (that happened just once till now), Teach for India is definitely a power that will drastically change lives of not only those children who will be taught but also the lives of fellow who will teach. Each and every staff member is an excellent example of excellence, of practicing what is preached and of serious commitment towards the cause they are here for.

Shall I tell you why I chose to write this blog post over all the choices that I had. Because here at TFI, they reckon the power of passion, of reflection and I wanted to start my day with reflection of my journey so far.

Take Care and enjoy rest of your weekend!


  1. Great to see the motivation levels. An awesome video too. It is hard to believe that an year back, we were doing the same stuff. I miss Institute. Wish you all the very best for the next 2 years. Dream BIG, set realistic GOALS and persevere till you achieve your goals. It is going to be a long journey 2 years and you will be the architect of the development of your students.

    Aritra De(

  2. You summed it up very well. Thank you for saving me so much time. If I need to explain the TFI experience to anyone, I can just refer them to this post. Gives me more time to sleep then ;)

    TFI 2011 Comrade :)

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this Mukaam!

  4. Wow. Like the passion with which you have written it. It comes from believing in something 100%. Waiting for more updates!

  5. Yar ab to ye Mukaam tak me bhi kal pahuch kar hi dum lunga....
    Delhi Team I am dying to meet you all :)


  6. Really Mukaam, You have elaborated the matter so nicely, Feeling so much excited and waiting to join from 10th June the 2nd institute
    Pritish - TFI Fellow 2011

  7. Good to read this. So is just the training in pune or you will complete your fellowship in one of the schools here? It would be good to connect with you in Pune, I am with the Net Impact Pune Professional Chapter.

  8. Thanks SK. Good to know that you are pat of Net Impact Club. I am here only for two more weeks. Will be shifting to Delhi beyond that to complete my fellowship.