Sunday, May 1, 2011

The PHIRKI said it all!

“The colors of phirki represent the diversity of fellows and when the phirki is set in motion, a movement begins!” said Shaheen Mistry my new CEO as I took an oath (not literally but you feel like that you have, after you experience what I am about to explain) to become formally a 2011 Teach for India Fellow. I have read that an organization is a smallest unit where every action is taken to achieve vision and mission of the organization and I always thought this is much better said in theory than practice. Come to teach for India and you will see that there is one organization that is following it in letter and spirit. The facility we have been provided is good enough that we don’t get bothered in petty issues and yet there is no money extra spent anywhere. For example - on the opening ceremony on the stage there is no fancy backdrop that attracts attention. A simple song which represents hope grabs all the applause. It is that simple! A projector, wonderful pictures and a good audio is all needed to make an opening ceremony successful and make people feel moved! You don’t need a bollywood or sports celebrity to light a candle and set the tone for your two years. You just need to see those children who are the best examples of what has been achieved and what could be achieved. Smiles of children like these are the candles that you have to lit!

Our induction happened today. It was the first day of my fellowship and every hour something was happening and whenever I could manage to find some time, I found myself in company of incredible people. You will never see a training director dancing on the stage everytime she gets on and off of it. The enegy is infinitely high. Will you believe if I say that group of 10 10ers(2010 fellows) made noise as loud as group of 150 11ers?  We are still shy to shout they aren’t! They know what we are set to achieve after having achieved that in last year. Would you like to work in an organization where when a new employee enters, people shout at top of their voice to welcome him and they do it for 150 new employees in one day! Have you seen an organization where senior stands throughout the whole bus ride of 45 minutes while juniors are too tired half way through their first day that they sleep (BTW there is actually no senior/junior here! I am using it for making comparison easier with usual colleges/organizations). If you haven’t, Welcome to Teach for India!
Officially from today, This blog is going to refer a new mukaam in my life – lighting the candles in lives of   few  kids out of 13500 kids TFI is reaching out this year.

And I hope you dance with me! This is precisely my cup of tea!


  1. wow...this post is reflecting that spirit and energy needed for your mission!

    happy for you :)

  2. Thank you :-) Will call you soon!

  3. Very nicely put Saloni :)
    (btw, like I said, you seriously need to change this blog picture!)


  4. thank you Akshai :-) and will change the picture for sure ;-)

  5. Saloni, this is a good initiative even I would like to follow in the near future.....But with different perspective and also do we have anything in similar to Care For Animals ..... Please let me know....