Sunday, April 10, 2011

How a friend made to Wharton!

I am back with another Yatra story! On the eve of the yatra, I was having a good time while eating delicious food, writing on whiteboard, dancing on Yatri geet and most importantly meeting awesome fellow yatris. As it happened, I was talking to two guys when a beautiful girl with pretty mole on her face walked towards us. After knowing that she was from Bangalore too, we both started having series of wonderful conversations. During the same time, announcement was made to get into the buses that would take us to railway station and that we should join our respective cohorts. Since we both belonged to different cohorts, we said goodbye to each other. We couldn’t find any member of our cohorts in the crowd so we kept walking together for a little more while. During this same time, she received a call from her cousin. And that was the moment that defined our friendship for life.
I turned around when she said on phone “I have to answer What matters most to you and why”. Holy Cow! She was applying to Stanford! Then we stopped looking for anyone else and we just started talking about everything about the application process. She applied to Harvard in Round 1 but couldn’t get through and she was applying to Stanford and Wharton in round 2. “Hold on!”  I said “Its 24th December today and you will be traveling in this train till the second round deadline. You will be submitting your application during this rigorous train journey?”. “Yes!” she said. It left me thinking “How the hell she is gonna do that? She is still building strategy on what matters most to you and why!”
Our next two days in the train were meant to be in the train and nowhere else. So, I met this girl again. She showed me her essays. The essays were still in draft mode and when I read them, I was mesmerized by the work she has done and the way she expressed herself. She had quit her corporate job two years earlier to become an entrepreneur. She really had some classic stories written there. But still they required fine tuning. I suggested few changes which she appreciated but with limited time in our hand, I knew we both won’t get time to sit together and work on them. Also, despite the compelling stories without the fine tuning and overall strategy, I knew her chances of getting in may diminish.
I knew whom to turn to. Khyati Soparkar from MyMBAAdmit was one lady who could help us with right feedback on these missing aspects. I passed on her emailid to my friend. Khyati replied saying she is on Christmas Vacation but would really like to help. And lo! With the train moving to different destinations in next few days, my friend and Khyati together took essays to an extremely different level. I just loved the way essays turned out. Oh! I didn’t tell you how I knew Khyati. Remember I told you, I took feedback services from for my Tuck essays. I chose Khyati as my mentor and later on, I asked for her help for my Tuck interview as well. I was so happy by the way Khyati had helped me out that I had no second thoughts recommending her services.
So, my friend was finally ready with her applications on the last date of the application deadline but not without a final twist. That night she struggled for internet connection. That was the only night when we didn’t sleep in the train and slept in a BIG hall in city of Jamshedpur. Yes, the headquarters of TATA Industries and that was the only night her internet connection (whose service provider was TATA) ditched her. The entire hall of 200 girls knew she needed an internet connection desperately and obviously the kind of awesome Yatris we had, she found a respite and submitted her application before couple of hours from the deadline!
Not long after the Yatra, first time in my life I was traveling in train from Delhi to Bangalore (Yatra effect!) when I received a call from her saying that she was through with Wharton!!!! WOOHOOO!! Right call at the right place you see!
I am so happy that she made to Wharton and equally glad of the fact that I am part of the story how she made it through this mind-boggling application process!
Congratulations my dear friend! Despite the risk you took for application process, I have no doubts that you truly deserve Wharton!


  1. Wow. Amazing story. Now I know what are you upto yatri :). By the way, I have left blr and at my hometown Dhanbad, Jharkhand.

    Wish you all the best.

  2. True, you indeed were part of the girl's journey who made it to Wharton ! :) Nice post .

  3. I am mukta's dad. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude for guiding my kid to achieve her dream. Thank you

  4. Thank you Uncle. But all credit goes to Mukta :D

  5. Had not visited your blog quite sometime..
    This story is simply too gud..:)

  6. Thank you Prakash. I never knew you visited earlier :-)

  7. Was a silent visitor though..:)