Saturday, February 19, 2011

And an era comes to end....

I resigned from my organization or "put down my papers" on 4th Feb. Two weeks more and I will be officially be unemployed for two months before I join my coveted employer, Teach for India on 29th April!

Lot of mixed feelings are pouring in. I see my workstation and miss it already.Have I ever told you guys, my workstation is just adjacent to window pane overlooking the water fountain and greenery around office building. I have stared outside for several hours over the years and drafted essays, dreamt of an admit, evaluated algorithms developed for yet another project, said Hi to friends strolling down after lunch time, thought to quit and join a non-for-profit institution, drank the vending machine coffee and enjoyed it!

Oh and there are those meeting rooms where I had heated arguments with teammates to what went wrong with the project and what should have been the correct database model. Oh! None of us got ever convinced. And there are those breakout area discussions where I sat with the same teammates and discussed issues from reasons of  marriage failures to weekend outings, from boss bashing to latest crush in the office.

And the evening meetings, the tiring conference calls, sometimes annoying when people talk beyond agenda ,sometime surprising how much beyond the obvious they think! On Thursday one of my clients pinged on IM to say "I hate you but I am gonna miss you! You have done some good work here". When I told my teammates they said in unison "See that's even what we are saying! Why you going? Stay right here!" There is so much bonding and so many good memories

Yet its already decided who will shift on my workstation after I leave! Life moves on, Poeple get replaced. Seats get reallocated and an era in someone's life comes to an end just like that.......

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