Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nation vs Personal Ambition: Nation wins!

After a long time I am posting on my blog and took me several minutes to decide what my next blog post should be titled as. Considered the following options:

1. Accepted at University of Rochetser with $$!
2. How a Yatra of 18 days can transform you?
3. Decision : Teach for India vs MBA at Simon?

and finally I decided to choose the above title.

Yes guys! I have decided to join Teach for India and serve the Nation over MBA program at Rochester. Lot of things have happened in last one month and I finally found out what will make me truly happy!

I wanted to write a detail post about everything that has happened but have to give a helping hand to a friend today. Happy Republic Day and Ciao!


  1. Hey Mukaam, welcome back...
    I was looking forward to your post about the Yatra.. I was following it on You Story...

    And on your decision, I am not sure what I want to say... Its a very brave decision.... But I am sure you must have thought it through... :)
    All the best....

  2. I am sure you have made a thoughtful decision.
    I just have one question - Why don't you go for both? MBA at Simon and Teach for India both!! Is this not possible?

  3. Best of luck with your decision. Hopefully i'll join the same league too :)

  4. Thats interesting Rahul! All the best!

  5. Oh...and that friend you helped...he is really really thankful!