Friday, December 10, 2010

Reaching My Mukaam – A Yatra will be my first destination

Hello guys! I am sure you have found this post as a result of keeping yourself updated in whatever part of MBA application journey you are – GMAT Preparation/R1 and waiting or R2 and preparing! The journey is stressful and I may soon be the one who never found out a good outcome after year and half of hard work in pursuit of a good business school education.

Never mind! As the comments from all of the fellow aspirants on my last post read “It’s not end of the world”, the time has come that I prepare myself to “Move On!” So, here is what I am going to do to end this year with a brighter note.

I am going to travel 9000 kms all throughout India on a train for continuous 18 days, meet social entrepreneurs spread all across my country. Exciting. Right? It is. I have been shortlisted out of 20000 candidates (three times more the number of people who appled in my dream b-school last year) and made it to final 400. (trying to be optimistic!)

This Yatra (called TATA Jagriti Yatra) aims to make Indian youth aware about few of our countrymen who are making lives of thousands of impoverished in the country better. It’s a great opportunity for me personally and I am really looking forward to meet these Social Entreprenuers. Sounds like a learning expedition!


  1. Hi Mukaam

    I am visiting your blog after a long hiatus. Remember you visited my blog when I wrote my sad GMAT day story and i didnt gave you my score because I was not much proud about disclosing it.

    However, I think lot has happened in your life in last six months. Yatra, Simon and Teach for India ! :) Great to know about your new stint . A brave and honest decision indeed ! :)

    Hope to stay in touch with you and imbibe that braveness one step at a time.

    All the best.


  2. Hey Shivraj,

    It was great hearing from you. Thank you for your wishes. yeah, a lot happened in last six months.

    I hope to stay in touch with you too!

    Take Care

    Best Wishes!