Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dinged by Kellogg!

Bad news have started rolling in. I got a ding from Kellogg yesterday. I initially got a waiver and was never got a phone interview invite from the AdCom, so kinda expecting it. But its hard to see your fears turning to reality.
All the best everybody!

I know lot of  good things are written for me but I know now that Kellogg isn't one of them


  1. Though I am sad about the outcome, I am glad about your response and approach to this. I like the courage and positive thinking. With my Sloan hopes fading I hope I can be as strong when my d mail arrives :(

    On a different note, I have a good feeling that you will get into your dream school. Irrespective of what you think about your interview.

    All the very best, the result should be out any day now.

  2. I really read the second para of your comment several times and prayed that your feeling be true.

    Sloan is still trickling in..Just have little more patience...You are headed towards a wonderful year!

  3. Hey Mukaam, Hang in there. You will get through. The Jagriti Yatra looks so good, wish I knew of it earlier. Have a good time and do blog about it!

  4. Hey Mukaam
    Please hang tight.. good things happen to good people.. so you will definitely see yourself in the Class of 2013 of your dream school..
    this b-school app journey is like an emotional roller-coaster.. one moment you are down(like rite now) and the next moment you will definitely be UP THERE!! in your dream school..
    Just hang tight!!
    Really loved your post about Jagriti Yatra.. Rock it girl!! you have earned it!!