Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Accepted at Teach for India!

My plan-A has till now deceived me but my Plan-B has worked! I have been accepted to Teach for India. It's an affliate to Teach for All and one of my dream organizations to work for.

The best part is I spent so much enerygy, money on my business schools plan but I never reveceived a beautiful email. But today I have received a congratulations email and I never spent same amount of energy and money (actually no money!) in pursuing it.Its true when they say that you are going to get a good news from where you expected least!

"Dear Prospective 2011 Teach For India Fellow,

It is our great pleasure to offer you admission to the 2011 Teach For India
Fellowship. We are inspired by your past achievements, drive, and commitment to educational equity, and believe that you are ready for the challenge of teaching and leading for two years in an under-resourced school.

Congratulations on your acceptance into this selective Fellowship, offered
to less than 10% of our applicants—an acceptance rate that is at par with
leading institutions like Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, The
Wharton School of Business and INSEAD. This makes you one of the top
leaders in the quest for educational equity for the nation."

I actually felt a lump in my throat when I received an acceptance! I am really happy that I have been accepted at least by one place I wanted to be at and the year is not ending that badly as it has been all throughout.

I am going on the yatra tomorrow. I hope to write while traveling in the train.

Thank you guys for all your support and lovely comments. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. Hey this is awesome ya!!
    TFI is a great organization with some outstanding individuals...
    I work with few fellows as volunteer and also as YPA for TFI.
    It is good to know that you are a Fellow, the selection procedure seems to be working great, I can say that now :)
    You are gonna have a helluva yr ahead....!!!

  2. Thanks Anagha! How have you been? No news since a long time!

  3. Congratulations M thats a super achievement what a great way to start 2011 the TFI experience is indeed transformational and enjoy the yatra too. :)

  4. congratulations. the acceptance letter says it all! Way to go Mukaam!!

  5. Congratulations Mukaam!! Happy for you :)

  6. Congrats! I wanted to know what you teach in a 5-min teaching lesson and what they asked in interview.

  7. Hello Mukhaam, I am interested to be part of TFI. I have applied previous year but didnt get selected. I need some guidance on filling my application this year.