Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Accepted at Teach for India!

My plan-A has till now deceived me but my Plan-B has worked! I have been accepted to Teach for India. It's an affliate to Teach for All and one of my dream organizations to work for.

The best part is I spent so much enerygy, money on my business schools plan but I never reveceived a beautiful email. But today I have received a congratulations email and I never spent same amount of energy and money (actually no money!) in pursuing it.Its true when they say that you are going to get a good news from where you expected least!

"Dear Prospective 2011 Teach For India Fellow,

It is our great pleasure to offer you admission to the 2011 Teach For India
Fellowship. We are inspired by your past achievements, drive, and commitment to educational equity, and believe that you are ready for the challenge of teaching and leading for two years in an under-resourced school.

Congratulations on your acceptance into this selective Fellowship, offered
to less than 10% of our applicants—an acceptance rate that is at par with
leading institutions like Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, The
Wharton School of Business and INSEAD. This makes you one of the top
leaders in the quest for educational equity for the nation."

I actually felt a lump in my throat when I received an acceptance! I am really happy that I have been accepted at least by one place I wanted to be at and the year is not ending that badly as it has been all throughout.

I am going on the yatra tomorrow. I hope to write while traveling in the train.

Thank you guys for all your support and lovely comments. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Waitlisted at Tuck

Oh...The result is out....and I have been waitlisted....Dont feel very positive about it...but negative energy in me has been reduced to an extent....Congratulations all who got admitted...It should be a great feeling

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dinged by Kellogg!

Bad news have started rolling in. I got a ding from Kellogg yesterday. I initially got a waiver and was never got a phone interview invite from the AdCom, so kinda expecting it. But its hard to see your fears turning to reality.
All the best everybody!

I know lot of  good things are written for me but I know now that Kellogg isn't one of them

Friday, December 10, 2010

Reaching My Mukaam – A Yatra will be my first destination

Hello guys! I am sure you have found this post as a result of keeping yourself updated in whatever part of MBA application journey you are – GMAT Preparation/R1 and waiting or R2 and preparing! The journey is stressful and I may soon be the one who never found out a good outcome after year and half of hard work in pursuit of a good business school education.

Never mind! As the comments from all of the fellow aspirants on my last post read “It’s not end of the world”, the time has come that I prepare myself to “Move On!” So, here is what I am going to do to end this year with a brighter note.

I am going to travel 9000 kms all throughout India on a train for continuous 18 days, meet social entrepreneurs spread all across my country. Exciting. Right? It is. I have been shortlisted out of 20000 candidates (three times more the number of people who appled in my dream b-school last year) and made it to final 400. (trying to be optimistic!)

This Yatra (called TATA Jagriti Yatra) aims to make Indian youth aware about few of our countrymen who are making lives of thousands of impoverished in the country better. It’s a great opportunity for me personally and I am really looking forward to meet these Social Entreprenuers. Sounds like a learning expedition!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The end of the tunnel

I have been deliberately out of the blog-sphere for a while....Hiding.....because howsoever good I have been in my much honestly hard-working I have much purely I was wishing to get accepted in a good business school....I have started feeling beyond a point nothing is in my control...I have controlled what I could control...and now the result is inevitable.

Waiting is dreadful.....because it gave you a sense of loss that is round the corner....I say loss because the way things have turned out in round 1, I have felt that is what I am going to end up with.

The calculus of my psyche is working in only one direction - What I am going to do if I get dinged from all business schools that I have applied to?  What will I do in round 2 ? Should I use same career goals? or my leadership stories? or description of my extra-curricular activities? Or in another next month I revamp my essays? Will I be able to introspect and find out what's wrong in my vision of my career or in my way of being a leader so that a good business school accepts me? Or does it mean I am still not ready for a good business school right now? Or I am not ready at all?....Waiting is a dragon and howsoever I try to console myself that this is not going to happen....that a good business school will accept me. I will get a beautiful 2KB email saying Congratulations...may be even a phone call that says we would love to have you here. May be within a month I may join facebook group of accepted candidates. But honestly, I know somewhere deep inside a dreamer's dream all this is...

I was invited for interview from 2 of 4 schools I applied to. And I screwed up one interview which I wanted to be so damn perfect. Those 30 minutes of that interview keep on haunting me since as many days and nights I have been past it, wishing that the interviewer saw my honest efforts and realize my potential behind the rambling I did. I may get acceptance from the second school but that is not really what I wanted to end up with, so decision of accept from that school may not compensate the loss I foresee from three other schools. The three losses will hurt me higher than one win can make me feel good.

I have heard when you really want something right from your heart, you will get it. I sincerely pray that I am not an exception to this rule. I have lot of optimistic things in my life and I hope they give me strength if a difficult time is written for me ahead although I know Krishna will bless!