Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The real Bangalore!

Last week for me was pretty hectic. I submitted four apps – Ross on Friday, Tuck on Tuesday, Kellogg on Wednesday and Rochester on Friday – huff..huff…huff. I still dream about what I have written on my final essays - sometimes I feel good and sometimes I feel it's not up to the mark. It goes like this…for last line of third essay for Tuck, I think adcom will smile but the second example of leadership essay for Kellogg, they may say this girl looks absolutely normal. I doubt if she can bring something wonderful to Kellogg. Let's keep this app in the rejection pile. AHHHH! I am scared. No doubt… It's a matter of months and months of hard work for us and half-hour job for them. Especially for Tuck, I have that feeling that since I haven't visited campus, they might compare my profile with someone who has, and choose him instead of me.

I am not able to get over with it. I am in phase of constant worrying which I know does not make any sense. Anyways, It's a huge relief for me that I decided to shift with my sister his weekend. OK…Let me rewind it a little bit. My baby sister got a job in Bangalore but her office is in southern-most part of Bangalore while mine is in North. I was living farther North from my office in a beautiful locality, in a wonderful house and around great people. So, if she had stayed with me, it would have taken her around two and half hours every day to reach office – that makes five hours every day. We eventually decided that she stays close to office and I will move later with her. Meanwhile, I got a job opportunity in another city which I declined at last moment. During the time I decided, she shifted in a small house – smaller than mine and twice the rent - in one of the most happening part of Bangalore. This area has many PGs, many "live-in" and much more traffic jams. Honestly, I was living in suburb with families all around and now migrated to the city. The transition is not that easy. I used to open my eyes in a balcony where I could see not even a single person, just a beautiful lake, ducks, cows, birds and trees. Here are two pictures from my balcony:

And now I wake up to a concrete jungle – don't have a picture right now but I think you can easily imagine. But that disappointment is miniscule in comparison to being with family. After staying alone for around two years, it's really so full-of-warmth to stay with my sister. I want to spoil her, do shopping for her and cook food for her. I want to take her along with me wherever I go for MBA. I am not sure how will I make that possible!

I am still getting acquainted to this place but staying with my sister has given me a little time-off from constant worrying about the results for R1. It was damn difficult to hit the submit button for four apps and I am just keeping my fingers-crossed. No more worrying, I promise.




  1. No more worrying, amen! I am sure you will get into your top choice. Did u submit your Tuck application for scholarship/aid? I did it 3 hrs before deadline today :)

    BTW, the pictures from ur balcony are missing.

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