Saturday, October 9, 2010

Appmentor services: Get a sanity check for your completed essays!

After completing my essays for Tuck last week, I absolutely needed an experienced eye for verifying my essays.

As I posted earlier, the feedbacks that I was receiving for my essays were confusing me and I was losing confidence after continuous thrashing. So, I decided to research for a professional service which can give me a critical eye. While talking to a friend in Chennai who works at 4GMAT Institute I asked him if he knows any graduate student who is in admission consulting business and can give me right feedback on my essays. He redirected me to AppMentor where a group of current students and graduates from top business school provide a feedback service.

Since I was just looking for feedback on my essays and resume, and not editing, I found their service absolutely suitable and decided to hire them.

After skimming through few of the mentors on their website, I chose a mentor who was in admission consulting business for a while. She told me absolutely what's wrong in my story and even appreciated what's right. She broke my career goals essay into three halves and explained what's impressive and what's not. Following her feedback, I was quickly able to fix my essays and felt confident that my essays were not that bad after all. She even pointed out what's missing from an admission committee perspective. As an icing on the cake, I received feedback within 24 hours of my submission. After waiting for weeks for my essays from my reviewers earlier, this was absolutely delightful.

One thing I want to note here is that AppMentor will not provide you any editing service. They may point out few grammatical mistakes and let you know where to break a paragraph but their purpose is to give you the feedback on overall strategy of your essays as well as on the minute details. For example – for my challenge essay, my mentor noted that the essay is chronological and comes from the heart but told me exactly what detail is missing.

After continuous confusing feedbacks for weeks, AppMentor service was a relief for me. I found them very ethical and supportive in their approach which was exactly I was looking for.

Disclaimer : I have received 10% discount on service fee for writing review on AppMentor services on this blog. These views above however are purely from my experiences and the reader should assume that discount that I am availing does not impact my analysis above.


  1. Wow, good to know. So when r u hitting the 'submit' button :)

  2. I am scared to hit the submit button...When are you doing it?

  3. The plan was for today. But looks like I wait till Tuesday. Getting too close!!

  4. All the best! I have also delayed.

    One thing- does your transcripts fit into 1MB? I had tried but then they became distorted. How you have managed to do that?

  5. I have Adobe Professional. I used that to shrink my 4.7 MB pdf to 440 KB (not the best quality) but I printed it out and it was readable.

  6. Oh..Great..I tried out another way...Took screenshots of all of my transcripts and saved them into jpg file. Came out to be great quality as I used Picasa for sharpening etc and then used slide show for taking screenshots. Got 995KB! So close..

    Submitted the App?

  7. Hi Mukaam,

    Are you planning to attend the Tuck Information Session on 11/11/2010 at Mumbai??

    I am in, let us plan to meet there? Pls let me know.

    I have asked Cognitive Bias also to join in, let us see how things turn up.

  8. I wont be able to attend in Mumbai as during that time I will be in my native...:-(
    Might attend in Delhi but that's also tentative