Friday, September 17, 2010

Tuck and Ross essays: feedback that I have received so far

Hi guys! I have been struggling since last month to write one perfect essay. And I haven't. I see essays everywhere. While sleeping! While eating! In cab! In office! During lunch while talking about range of topics from Black Magic to Hindu mythology to NGOs in India! I search for a powerful anecdote, for a wonderful idea that I can put in. The truth is that I am transforming my essays a lot but I am not sure if I am getting closer or farther. I have given essays to my reviewers from different B-Schools –Harvard, MIT, Kellogg, Simon, Booth, Ross. But I have got some feedbacks difficult to include and some just bull's eye.


Let me tell you few statements right out from feedbacks:


  1. Your story is interesting but your ending does not have a climax. It's flat!
  2. Your story seems to get lost in the middle. You have the content but you don't have a flow
  3. Content of your career-so far is too generic. Doesn't look like that you have done something in reality.
  4. Your Why Tuck content is good. It's interesting, but its lacking smoothness
  5. Your why Tuck Content is not good. You have not written about the exclusivity of Tuck.
  6. You have too much 'I'.
  7. Your career goals are not in a story form!!!!! This so far has been the most difficult to implement. I have started with the first paragraph with a story but its eating words from my answers:
    1. Why Tuck?
    2. Why now?
    3. Why Short-term? What in short term? What in short-term will connect to you to your long term goal?
    4. What in long term

    Tell me guys, have you guys able to write our career goals in a story format and still able to accommodate answers to all these questions? Its seems to be the most herculean task so far

  8. You have told about yourself right from college but what about your life before college? This has come for Introduce Yourself 100 Words essay for Ross. This essay has killed me so far the most.


The conclusion that I have derived out of this entire story is few feedbacks really helped me but few I can never implement in my current essays. I have to scrap them off completely to include such feedbacks. Some are contradictory from each other, some are really helpful. Sometime I try to implement one thing and loose another.

As deadlines are getting closer, I have realized I am not done even with one school's essays. And it's looking like a distant dream now. Panic is about to grow and to add more spice to life, Murphy is at its best. My modem has started crashing. It remains alive for five minutes than its lights start dancing and broadband stops working!!! Even while I was writing this post, I have restarted modem thrice.

Long live BSNL and their modems!!! I am not sure what wrong I have done to them. Please forgive me!




  1. LOL. I think many of us empathise. You atleast have some reviewers, my reviewers just sleep over my essays and don't return any comments so I go around trolling through blogs such as yours for some inputs :-).
    I think one advice from Richard Montauk was to read the essay out loud with your adcom's hat on.

    Its harrowing for me too. I'm parallely studying for my GMAT retake too. Good luck.


  2. I can so relate to that, as I am in the same boat. In two weeks my application process (read essay writing) went from a state of calm to chaotic.

    One thing I learned and plan to implement for my essay reviews - 'too many cooks spoil the broth'. This is so apt here (Nothing against reviewers though). What I resolved to do was find 2 (max 3) reviewers whose judgement I can be very confident of (could be diff for each school). This way at least I don't add to the already tedious process, and don't have to review the feedback comments :)

  3. @Curious..Yeah Yeah....Even my reviewers have been sleeping for a while. but glad at least they responded with something for me to seriously ponder on. I could imagine how tough it should be for you to study for GMAT along with this. The problem with essays is that you tend to loose objectivity...Once my reviewer says you missing this...I would say I was trying to make this point but they would say doesn't look like...I seriously need the technology to print my mind on paper...I am not at all eloquent.

    @Cognitive Bias...I started with two reviewers but then I tell you what happened. They slept over my essays!!! I am confident of judgement of all individuals I have asked to review and I have asked only to people with whom I have connections at personal level. The problem is they are busy! And if at all they find time, their responses are results of skimming and that's why sometimes one reviewers feedback contradicts with another. The brighter side is even AdCom skims! So whatever negative feedbacks they give, I have to try to make those positive up to certain extent.

  4. You have a valid point there. Fortunately I have been able to pester my reviewers into a thorough reading & quick feedback:). This was for my first school, with the second school it might not be the same though.

  5. Great to hear that.....I think it's the best possible scenario...lucky you!

  6. looking at all the suggestions, it looks like you need to contact a Bollywood scriptwriter. It nees drama, it needs empathy, it needs ambition, it needs aspiration, it needs intense yearning; it has to bring out logic, emotion, and a certain level of pathos conveyed through a yearning for higher academics - and it needs to have a tightly crafted beginning, middle and end. :-))

  7. Hi Mukaam,

    My 2 cents on this.

    Dont worry too much to include all the things from feedback. People respond based on their the feedback with your strength / Weaknesses analysis....if it matches with your own SWOT then consider that feedback authentic....if not them the person might not understood your personality in depth....Believe whatever you have done...meditate over it for few minutes....Believe on those BLINK moments in which you understand whether you are right or wrong...Take care...

  8. I would recommend to go through my analysis of Ross Essay analysis - Effective Teacher Question.

    I loved when I did this and then written this post....and When I love something then its really beautiful...Just Kidding...but pls might help you...

  9. Thanks Sanket.
    "Believe on those BLINK moments in which you understand whether you are right or wrong" I really liked that as I did something yesterday believing on that blink moment!