Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tuck Tuck Tuck!

This morning has been dedicated to Tuck. Actually I wanted to find out essays on Tuck's website and I have still not found them. I googled essays on its website as well and  didn't get any link on essays. It was easier to find them on clearadmit.
So my collection of Tuck search (other than Tuck's website) so far:
1. A slice of Tuck :
2. Indian at Tuck BW Forum thread
3. Richard's Tuck Visit
4. Tuck's essays question :

I haven't visited Tuck yet but I really want to. Sadly, Tuck does not also have information session in Bangalore this year. This time many schools are not having information session in Bangalore - Kellogg, Columbia and Tuck are few that I have figured out till now.What's wrong with Bangalore?  If its about advertising about the school then I can surely say in all sessions that I have attended so far, I have found a huge crowd.Many students from Chennai, Mysore travel to Bangalore for information sessions.Lot of admitted Indian applicants are Bangalore based I am sure. Then why they have taken such a decision? Tuck discontinued after 2008 and Columbia is not having this time.

Anyways, I have written first draft of three essays for Ross. Still not able to figure out the right choice for frustration/disappointment question.So, I have decided to move to Tuck. I wanted to write first draft of all schools that I am applying to before fine tuning essays. I was earlier thinking of applying to Tuck in second round but I think I want to move it up as Tuck is increasingly becoming my first choice. I think its an ideal place for a studious person like me. I really need that calm setting to study!


  1. This post make me smile! hahaha hopefully we can be at Tuck together!!

  2. I liked the title :) And you please apply to Tuck in round 1 only. I dont wanna have tea with regretful face in front ;)

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  5. Good luck with your application to Tuck! It is a beautiful campus, and it sounds like the small-school environment might be a great fit for you. I applied last year and was accepted, and so if you'd like any advice on your essays or application, feel free to let me know! (

  6. Hey Julie. Thanks for dropping by on this blog. I would love to get in touch with you and know more about Tuck. I am dying to visit it. I have few questions regarding Tuck and I will drop you an email.