Friday, August 13, 2010

Stephen M. Ross school of Business : The others this weekend

The first essay of introducing myself is finally approved by somebody who do not usually approves things easily - my sister. I had a surprise lined up in my mailbox when I returned from office saying its perfect.
That gives me some confidence to move to other essays though I now have to figure out those 15 words from that essay that are responsible for overshooting the word-limit

As I said earlier, my career goals essay is missing crispiness. So, the first target of this weekend is that essay. I also have to draft Why Ross? in that. The essay question reads:

2. Describe your career goals. How will the Ross MBA help you to achieve your goals?
(500 word maximum)

I was earlier thinking to draft first versions of essays all schools that I am applying to in first round. But I am stuck with first school's first essay since an era.

Career goals essay - my essay's structure:
1) Clearly my goals
2) My experiences that derives me towards those goals
3) My professional experience (I am a career changer) and how will it help me towards my goals
4) My short term goal and what I want to do in the role I aspire to be in.
5) How my short term goal will ultimately lead me to my long term goal. What I intend to do?
6) Why I need an MBA for my goals
7) How will Ross help me (pending)

So here I am - chiseling my career goals essay to bring that missing crispiness. Hey experts out there - What do you think of my approach?


  1. Hi there! I do think you are taking the right approach towards this career goals essay, and it's so smart to clearly outline your essay before you start writing - so many people tend to lose their message otherwise!

    A few suggestions - I think you can combine #2 and #3 in your essay. Though I'm not sure of the specific content, it may be repetitive.

    Also, I believe it's best to outline your long term goal first, and then your short-term goal. Though you could do it either way, I think it's great to have a long-term vision laid out, so that when you talk about the short-term goals, they make sense as a stepping stones towards what the adcom already knows you trying to achieve. Given your long term goals already presented, it also shows you as someone who understands your industry and where you might need to go first, in order to get to the long term goal.

    Let me know if you have any questions! And, good luck!

  2. Wow...I never thought from that perspective. It's a wonderful suggestion. I will try to incorporate it in the draft that I have already created. thanks for replying back!