Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stephen M. Ross school of business. Introducing Myself has never been that tough

I tried moving to Tuck's essays as I mentioned in my previous post but while discussing at lunch in office about one of the recent happenings in my team during which I was quite frustrated, I found the idea of Ross' frustration essay. I wrote it down and my first reviewer A agreed with only last two paragraphs out of five!

So my first set of essays are taking shape but at the snail's speed. I had my career essay reviewed by a Kellogg recent grad who liked the content of my essay but found the crispiness missing.

Amongst all of the essays, I am particularly surprised by amount of time I have devoted to Intoduce Yourself essay. Its 100-words essay and I guess that makes its most difficult. I tried following three different approaches-
1) How people describe me, What good things they find in me and used that as a base for the essay. Captured too less information about me.
2) How I describe myself. Scrapped it after first version. Felt like self-boasting.
3) What my experiences have been? What my interests are? What my career path is?

I have frozen the third approach after reading recommendations from three different usual sources on how to write this essay - SBC, ClearAdmit and I am too lazy to attach links today!

I liked Linda's approach from who asks to write about your elevator pitch (I have wondered several times What's my pitch???) and what is the first thing you want them to know about you. Also, I think ClearAdmit is correct in saying that you have to introduce yourself as a candidate. This is not an introduction to your peers.

The essay that I have written has taken a good shape. I think! But I am still dancing to the tunes of word limit.
Hope to have this done. Yes Richard! Its draining. No second thoughts about it.


  1. I honestly had no idea that essays were this tough... I completely nixed the essays I wrote last week for Tuck. After talking with more people I realized that I wanted ot take my essays topic in a different direction.

  2. A very nice and useful read. The approach you have taken will do the trick I believe!!

  3. @Richard That rework will be really tough...
    @A Thank you for "the believe"