Saturday, August 28, 2010

Peaceful Warrior

To fight for that coveted spot in my dream school, I have learnt a lesson. I have to stop worrying about what will be the outcome of my essays while I am writing them. I just have to be in that moment, answering the question, writing my story. I have to free my mind.

Peaceful Warrior represents how to be warrior while keeping your mind at ease, at peace. It's easy? No it isn't. Think that you are in right front of Live TV Camera and you just have one shot and you are not allowed to make a mistake. You are bound to give a perfect shot. This way you will reach excellence in your essays. Just think about the best answer of the question, write you story, express your thoughts, pour your heart. You will see that you will reach closer to that perfection.

The toughest part is its one thing to think that you are in front of Live TV when you are actually not. But I firmly believe if we follow this practice, we would be able to write those essays - our best shot - at once. Those versions of the essays will be written on which I want to hit the submit button. This is not an easy task and if someone is able to do it, let me know. But its a great thought.And of course, not mine. I am just a medium.

Source: Harsha Bhogle, TV Cricket Commentator on his lecture in IIM-A on How to reach Excellence ,
             Peaceful Warrior -Hollywood Flick


  1. Good suggestions ! I need plenty of those :) and I will try it for sure ! :) Thanks for sharing this !

  2. Yeah me too..Whatever keeps me motivated...

  3. Hey Mukaam, I am sorry for spamming your post but I did not know of other way to get in touch. I needed some help in understanding recommendation letters. I am not very clear of the whole affair. Please let me know if I can drop you a line.
    Thanks a ton!

  4. Hey Anagha...I have activated "email me" on my profile. Can you please email me. I think you are asking an inexperienced person bout recos. Even I dont have much information on how to handle those