Thursday, August 19, 2010

LinkedIn, MIT Sloan, CFA and Pink Floyd

Barring the last one in the title above, remaining three are connected and they have made my day. On Friday last week, I was updating my profile information on linkedin when I had this weird although very fortunate idea of searching "CFA MBA" on it. I found a guy in my organization who is a CFA charter holder and an MBA from MIT Sloan. I sent him an email if he can spare some time and wolla! I talked to him today. He gave me all details about what all possible options I have. He was a mechanical engineer turned into software writer into MIT Sloan Grad into Consultant into Quantitative Analyst. He knew so many things about Finance and the best part is since I had told him that I am a technologist, he was explaining finance things to me in plain English.

He has given me a great idea on how to improve resume. He said go to a job portal website, look for the job you want to be in and highlight in your resume, skills that you have developed related to that kind of job. I had shared my resume with him before the meeting.His input was that your career goal does not seem to be connected at all to the work you are doing although he understands as a career-changer it will rarely be the case but it's good to have something related. Even if you are doing something additional beyond your current job for your career goal, give a weight to that in your resume. Great point. Isn't it?

About the last part of the title, I was listening to Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here" on Friday after charging iPod after years and the music keeps ringing into my ears ever since. There is something different about it, something unique.

"So you think you can tell heaven from hell?"

Wish I was there… my dream school…Its long struggle and sometimes I feel so much discontent writing and reaching that perfection. You might be aware that Pink Floyd mixed several of their experimented compositions into one to make music of "Comfortably Numb". May be I have to write essays several times to make them as perfect as this song is.

Child has grown, dream is gone………..With six hundred words I cannot write a line as impactful as they have done with just six words. I am not that good yet.


  1. good one ! :) Pink Floyd rocks, and I liked your discovery of CFA MBA and the tips. Even I heard similar tips from an ISB guy in an info session .

    All the best . I am sure ur 600 words will make an impact sooner than later . :)

  2. That's such a nice Sunday Morning comment to wake up with. Thanks!

  3. Just found out Pink Floyd have pulled out of online distribution due to refusal to supply singles. Fair play really as its all about the albums but are they missing out on sales? Good story at this Music Blog