Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Header that keeps me motivated - Stephen M. Ross School of Business

The essays that I have created word documents for were looking plain till I gave them a crown of the school they belonged to.

That gives me motivation and keeps right in front of my eyes the name of the big destination I am targeting.

I have finally been able to compress Introduce Yourself essay to 100 words. Yipppee!!
Took ideas from different people - my younger sister, her friends, my cab mate, a girl in 12th standard, a fellow applicant at office and of course Mr.A . I felt nice after naming the document "Introduce Yourself Final Version".
What was most fun writing this weekend was the frustration essay (the one in the image). I was recalling how the frustration filled compassion in me for others. And sub-consciously, how I made efforts to help others, improve my behavior and stayed down to earth. The truth is disappointment makes you realize what's important for you. Wow man! I never thought of these things when I was doing them. But all these things have now become part of my story. I seriously relate to the fact that writing essays gives you lot of time for self-reflection.

Stay focused and healthy.


  1. Hey, this is a good idea. Even I am following the same. BOLD BIG school names on my desk to keep me going.
    100 word introduction is taking a toll on me though.. Any tips you would want to share??

  2. Yet another good read but you never told me your source of motivation :D but its a good way to keep us on track...

    Glad ur first essay is over, and hope all other see a final version soon :)

  3. Hey Anagha..Long time ya....How is everything at your end?

    As for the essay, I have kept it 100 words by keeping things to-the-point. My academic and professional life so far, my interests and my career goals. Basically a snapshot of myself and a flavor of what I am good at