Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Great Debate: Resolve

I have a situation here and I have to decide within this week. Resolve:

Current Job - Great Organization, Great Work, Nice Team, Lot of friends in the city and especially my younger sister came to the town recently, decent pay, Bad job title (Software Engineer which I am not working as, and management couldn't change it), "May" get a trip to US before December (my own visa got rejected so looking forward to visit schools)

New Job -  Great Organization (More known), Better Brand Reputation, New City - hardly know anyone, May get a month's break between jobs - will get more time to complete apps and prepare for CFA level 1, Very good pay (best by industry standards),and best part is Great Job Title (Specialist - they were looking for six years work ex but they are hiring a 3-year, may be a great thing to highlight in resume if I m called for a B-School interview)

Please help me with your vote.


  1. aha ... Go for the best . But I recall from somewhere I learnt that humans end up doing what they really want to do, no matter how much others advice or crib .
    All the best, lady ! :) Btw, how are you balancing your job, MBA apps, CFA . Seems hectic but looks like u r on right track. :)

  2. title doesn't matter - maybe pay does to some extent. where do you want to be a few years from now, and which job takes you closer to that place? when you move, you will make new friends - and you need not jettison the old- so that's an added bonus! if you stay, you will continue in a place that you seem to like, at least as of now... toss a coin, heads you go, tails you stay. the result of the toss does not matter - what matters is what you desperately wish it will be, heads or tails, just before it falls!

  3. Sir,I am speechless....Resolved!

  4. "what matters is what you desperately wish it will be, heads or tails, just before it falls! "
    best piece of advice i've heard in a long, long time.

  5. Thanks Shivraj and Tray for finding out time to visit the blog.

    @Shivraj, I have not yet started with CFA preparation and not yet enrolled actually. Still thinking. Apps and Jobs it is these days.