Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stars are all alone when they shine ...but they still give light

I am philosophical today. Since the time I have written my last post, something has jinxed my peace. I have taken tremendous pressure. Expectations weren't fulfilled even before but now I am taking stress when they are not being met. I didn't go to work on Friday and my sleeping cycle has hit badly . Good things may come - I may get a job I have given interview for. I wont give further details. I don't want to jinx something again. I wrote Ross' essays first version. So, things are not that out of track as I am feeling.But I am drained out. Why? I myself have no answer. I just hope when I get what I want, I am still shining......and not be dull as I am today.

 I am tired today even after a three days complete break. May be that's the reason. It's not the time to take a break. I saw three movies since yesterday classifying them in my break No point as I know that I am supposed to do many other things.Let me do something which I have not been able to do since a long time.Sitting in front of computer isin't giving me energy anyways. I wont write anymore as I want to write with a better frame of mind.Take care. See you!


  1. This is just a passing phase ! Cheer up gal ! :)

  2. Thanks Shivraj. I hope it really passes by.

  3. Hy Mukaam.... Oh No.. I thought u r a strong and a totally focussed gal and I am pretty sure you are !!. It happens but never mind. Just boost urself up girly !!..

    Each day of mine will be like "the dull" day, if i am gonna think about problems and happenings in my life..Everything up in the air.. Totally unpredictable twists and tweaks :) . So thats not the point.. Everything has to move on..

    As a last piece of suggestion, keep focussed and keep moving towards your goal.. Ok.. I am not gonna bore you more gal :) :)

  4. Thanks S-AK for such encouraging words..