Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shortlisting Schools - Day 5

Between day 1 and day 5 not much has changed. I am still finding criteria to shortlist schools.I have mailed few of my friends in Kellogg, Booth and Harvard to know more about the schools. The only difference in my mails is that I have become more specific in asking questions then I have been before. Anyways none of them have replied yet. So I have moved ahead and wrote the outline (even not an outline if you ask my friend) of my first essay - Undergrad experience. There are few points in the essay which I have covered -
1. Since my school is not known much outside India, I am giving details about the school ranking etc.
2. Since my degree was rigorous and I had a double dip in my GPA, I am addressing the trend in my GPA by highlighting more on my extra-curricular.
3. I had poor grades in Maths in my second year but topped the class in final year. So I am hoping if I can cover that somewhere as well.
4. There were few events in my undergrad that shaped me as a person. I have chosen one of them which I think has greatest impact on me.
Lets see the above section of my outline is just a kind of kick-off. May shape it better if readers contribute. Looking forward for your suggestions.

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