Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stanford Reliance scholarship essay June 2010

How do you aspire to shape your country's future? in 250 words is a difficult task.
As I see it, there should be four parts for the answer:
1) What impact you had in your life because of which you aspire to do something for your country? (20-30 words)
2) what have you done related to the impact so far? (50-60 words)
3) How our work so far on the lines of this impact along with your MBA at Stanford can contribute in larger picture of shaping India's future? (50-60 words)
4) How will you actually in future contribute (realistic ideas you have) to address the gaps that you think exist in the area where you contribute? (If you are able to follow the word limits above then you have lots of words left for this portion)

After three iterations this is what I am targetting. Will post whether I succeed or fail in creating this structure