Saturday, May 15, 2010

Child Rights and I

I joined Child Rights and You (CRY) a month back after realizing that I need something which keeps me humble and at the same show some different picture of the world. CRY has been a fantastic journey so far. We are screening a short animated movie for the children today at the aanganwadi. But before today we have been discussing all along what issues we can address. Next week we are planning to take the survey in entire area and assess child rights issues, if any, existing in the area.
On my first visit I remember, there was a kid named Sunil who got attached to me. He used to drew something and show me every time. He came following me for saying good bye.That's when I knew, that it is good sign. I may be good at this. I may be good with children and their welfare.
One good thing is my fellow volunteers are mostly college students. They are full of energy and are very religious about whatever they do. And they are as confused as I was about what should be their career path. CAT is unanimous choice. Its not about MBA they think, Its about winning over the CAT.
We are participating in Bangalore Marathon as CRY ambassadors. I will be running 10K for Child Rights soon.
We really have some great people working for CRY and thats make it more attractive for volunteers like me. You really learn so much from them. They have made Child Rights their life and you could see their passion in their talk. All in all, it has been a great experience and I am sure it will continue to be!

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