Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back to blogging!

I am back to blogging now and will try to update my blog frequently.
So let me start with what am I doing since my last post:

1. I postponed my admission to B-Schools by one year. I think I was not ready and I was having hard time to write apps when I was not prepared with why MBA, which B Schools etc This happened in October. Since then I am in quest to find answers.

2. I purchased a book named "How to get into top MBA programs?" by Richard Montauk, I found in it a tremendous resource and its helping to join the dots and plan for my apps.

3. I realized that for getting into finance, I need a base in finance. My knowledge has been a liitle too vague. Though working in financial service industry has given me some responsibilities in Finance (Income tax on assets, chargeback on assets etc) but I am not yet part of my organization's core operations. So, early this year I decided to enrol for CFA program. I talked to some of my friends who are part of this program and talked to a representative of CFA Institute and found out what all areas it will cover. Its helping me tremendously to figure out what all possibilities exist in Finance for me. I am particluarly intrigued by derivatives!

4. I am also interested in Microfinance since last two years and read lot of literature on it. Last year I decided to join some organization which can help me in giving some experience in that area. Unfortunately, I couldnt get through anyone.

5. After I had a terrible experience five years back when my landlord tried to molest his child servant, I was specially looking for an opportunity to contribute for Child Rights. After saving that little girl, I never did. I was unaware until recently about CRY operations in Bangalore and when I did, i didnt waste another minute. I will write a separate post on my work at CRY.

6. I am still teaching Physics and Maths in neighborhood. Students in Bangalore target CET exams more strongly then they do IIT-JEE. In any case, I am proud that some of my students are quick to pick up vaious difficult concepts of Calculus and physics. i never thought I was so good at electrical engineering that it can help me in teaching electricity without looking at book. Additionally, it looks like I am doing well in solving problems of Irodov which were unconquered during my IIT-JEE days. Finally God gave that to me!

7. I have also got an offer to teach GMAT/GRE maths once a week. I am yet undecided on that. While GMAT/GRE maths is interesting, Calculus is more interesting!

8. I also planned to visit US during this time (Actually during April). Unfortunately, my visa got rejected. So that plan is postponed.

I have taken a week off to prepare for CFA Level 1 exam. Let me get back to studies.

Thanks for reading the post!

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