Saturday, May 15, 2010

Child Rights and I

I joined Child Rights and You (CRY) a month back after realizing that I need something which keeps me humble and at the same show some different picture of the world. CRY has been a fantastic journey so far. We are screening a short animated movie for the children today at the aanganwadi. But before today we have been discussing all along what issues we can address. Next week we are planning to take the survey in entire area and assess child rights issues, if any, existing in the area.
On my first visit I remember, there was a kid named Sunil who got attached to me. He used to drew something and show me every time. He came following me for saying good bye.That's when I knew, that it is good sign. I may be good at this. I may be good with children and their welfare.
One good thing is my fellow volunteers are mostly college students. They are full of energy and are very religious about whatever they do. And they are as confused as I was about what should be their career path. CAT is unanimous choice. Its not about MBA they think, Its about winning over the CAT.
We are participating in Bangalore Marathon as CRY ambassadors. I will be running 10K for Child Rights soon.
We really have some great people working for CRY and thats make it more attractive for volunteers like me. You really learn so much from them. They have made Child Rights their life and you could see their passion in their talk. All in all, it has been a great experience and I am sure it will continue to be!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stanford Reliance scholarship essay June 2010

How do you aspire to shape your country's future? in 250 words is a difficult task.
As I see it, there should be four parts for the answer:
1) What impact you had in your life because of which you aspire to do something for your country? (20-30 words)
2) what have you done related to the impact so far? (50-60 words)
3) How our work so far on the lines of this impact along with your MBA at Stanford can contribute in larger picture of shaping India's future? (50-60 words)
4) How will you actually in future contribute (realistic ideas you have) to address the gaps that you think exist in the area where you contribute? (If you are able to follow the word limits above then you have lots of words left for this portion)

After three iterations this is what I am targetting. Will post whether I succeed or fail in creating this structure

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back to blogging!

I am back to blogging now and will try to update my blog frequently.
So let me start with what am I doing since my last post:

1. I postponed my admission to B-Schools by one year. I think I was not ready and I was having hard time to write apps when I was not prepared with why MBA, which B Schools etc This happened in October. Since then I am in quest to find answers.

2. I purchased a book named "How to get into top MBA programs?" by Richard Montauk, I found in it a tremendous resource and its helping to join the dots and plan for my apps.

3. I realized that for getting into finance, I need a base in finance. My knowledge has been a liitle too vague. Though working in financial service industry has given me some responsibilities in Finance (Income tax on assets, chargeback on assets etc) but I am not yet part of my organization's core operations. So, early this year I decided to enrol for CFA program. I talked to some of my friends who are part of this program and talked to a representative of CFA Institute and found out what all areas it will cover. Its helping me tremendously to figure out what all possibilities exist in Finance for me. I am particluarly intrigued by derivatives!

4. I am also interested in Microfinance since last two years and read lot of literature on it. Last year I decided to join some organization which can help me in giving some experience in that area. Unfortunately, I couldnt get through anyone.

5. After I had a terrible experience five years back when my landlord tried to molest his child servant, I was specially looking for an opportunity to contribute for Child Rights. After saving that little girl, I never did. I was unaware until recently about CRY operations in Bangalore and when I did, i didnt waste another minute. I will write a separate post on my work at CRY.

6. I am still teaching Physics and Maths in neighborhood. Students in Bangalore target CET exams more strongly then they do IIT-JEE. In any case, I am proud that some of my students are quick to pick up vaious difficult concepts of Calculus and physics. i never thought I was so good at electrical engineering that it can help me in teaching electricity without looking at book. Additionally, it looks like I am doing well in solving problems of Irodov which were unconquered during my IIT-JEE days. Finally God gave that to me!

7. I have also got an offer to teach GMAT/GRE maths once a week. I am yet undecided on that. While GMAT/GRE maths is interesting, Calculus is more interesting!

8. I also planned to visit US during this time (Actually during April). Unfortunately, my visa got rejected. So that plan is postponed.

I have taken a week off to prepare for CFA Level 1 exam. Let me get back to studies.

Thanks for reading the post!