Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shall I postpone it to R2?

It has been a month since I wrote anything. Lately, I have a big project lined up at work. My manager tells me everyday that stakes are high etc. Staying alone gives me so much time to think but instead of thinking these days I am getting lost in the web of linkedin, facebook and orkut. I hereby restrain myself from using these. As soon as I find an impressive individual I try to find his/her profile on linkedin. I have to stop doing that. Does not help me at all.
Delivery of the project is one month from now but since I am not very enthusiastic these days at work due to my obvious incline towards apps and bschools, the project is not going that well. The developer had to leave yesterday as his mother fell down from staircase. So, probably I have to do the entire development as well as design and testing all by myself. More pressure at work and I still dont know whether I will be able to complete any application despite the fact that I am procastinating everything else for apps.
My school list is still 10. And I know there is lot of work to do to bring that number down. I am not doing that well on the apps of the schools that are my stretch schools . i dont want to apply to reach schools before aplying to stretch schools. So, the only choice I am left with is to apply in R2.
I have submitted my apps for ISB but I am not preparing for its interviews at all. Somehow after searching for business schools in US diversity has become an important factor for me in a business school. So ISB is not giving that click.
I have attended five information sessions in last two months - Chicago, Wharton, Stanford, Columbia, Duke. I registered for MBA Fair but after gaining insights in these five information session, I decided not to attend MBA Fair. i got a spare weekend and I prepared a rough draft on accomplishments essays. My reviewers were convinced by only one of the accomplishments that aligns with my post-MBA goal.
This weekend I have started writing about my undergrad experience and after continous 8 hrs of work, I sent it to all people who were there at my undergrad plus two of my best crituqes. Everybody told me to cut short the same thing. I did that. But there are few more additional comments by these reviewers that I am looking forward to add in this essay.
By postponing all apps to R2 I am feeling relaxed but I dont know if that will go in my favor.